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Ulrike Specht

Ulrike Specht

Recruiting Specialist
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Marion Kalich

Marion Kalich

Recruiting Specialist
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Stefanie Frenking

Stefanie Frenking

Head of Recruiting and Feel Good Management
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Can I do an internship at Spreadshirt?

Yes, in most of our departments we offer talented students the opportunity of doing internships with us. Our current internship positions are all advertised, but it’s also worth asking if you can’t find an appropriate work experience placement for you.

How long should an internship placement with Spreadshirt last?

In order to make sure you gain a proper insight into the department you’re in and can actively work on projects with us and in our day-to-day business, an internship placement should last at least 3 months, and ideally 6 months.

Are internship placements at Spreadshirt paid?

Yes, we pay all interns a reasonable amount – this depends on your qualifications and your previous practical experience.

Can I write my diploma/bachelor/master thesis at Spreadshirt?

We supervise diploma/bachelor/master theses. It is of course important that the topic of your thesis is of interest to Spreadshirt and that we can guarantee you the best possible supervision for the duration of your thesis.

If you are interested in writing your final thesis at Spreadshirt, then start by sending us a brief application with your planned topic. You should be able to try to give us a good idea of the content and aims of your thesis. In order to give your thesis a practical orientation, it should be combined with a job at Spreadshirt.

How to apply?

Submit your application online. If you catch our attention, we’ll pass it on to the respective department’s manager. On receipt of your application, you’ll get an email straight away.

And if the manager wants to find out more about you, we’ll get in touch. You should be prepared to either take a small test or introduce yourself in an interview via telephone or in person. Our solution for finding suitable candidates is just as unique as our personalised products. We are eager to find out about your character and skills, so let’s play it by ear and concentrate on the best way of getting to know you.

Of course, you can always get in touch with our recruiting team in case you should have any questions. And maybe you’ll soon be part of our growing Spreadshirt family.